The Parli

Lassane Ouedraogo – The Parli #2

Last Wednesday, July 29th, we were delighted to have LAssane Ouedraogo from Burkina Faso at the event. We kicked off at 6.10pm having been entertained by Paul McElhatton who played a traditional African harp for us as we settled in. The event was very well attended and we can only apologise to those who were left standing and sitting on the floor for not providing enough seating – though we think it might have done its bit to create the unique atmosphere at the event.

Lassane told us a history of his country and how he came to arrive here in 2007. He told us of his time in Direct Provision and pleaded with us to tell our government to change the policy. There were several contributions from the floor along the same lines and we delighted that so many people felt free to talk.

Unfortunately, due to an oversight on the part of myself the recording of the talk is not available (in other words I messed up and didn’t manage to record it properly).

My colleague Sally Timmons on the other hand did manage to capture these great pictures of the event.

Parli29thJulyLassaneOuedraogoa2Parli29Jul2015LassaneOuedraogoa1 Should you feel you have something to say. Please feel free to get in touch.



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