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110 million people live in the Indian state of Maharashtra. 82% of them are hindu. The state has just brought in legislation banning the slaughter of cows and bullocks for meat.

100 U.S. diplomats are currently stationed in Venezuela. Caracas has given the U.S. two weeks to reduce that number to 17. President Nicolas Maduro believes that the U.S.A. is behind attempts to remove him from power. Opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez, who is currently in jail, is a Princeton and Harvard graduate.

22-year-old Andreas Von Knorre and 21year-old Elton Hinz  have been sentenced to 9 months in jail and 3 lashes of a cane after vandalising a train carriage in Singapore. They were arrested in Malaysia and deported back to Singapore.

5 years is the maximum sentence for a person found guilty of cyber-slander in the United Arab Emirates. An employee of an aeronautics company in Abu Dhabi was arrested after returning home from Florida where he posted a rant against his employer on Facebook.

15-year-old Cassidy Nurse from Cape Town started high-school this February. Her classmates pointed out that a girl in a year ahead of hers looked very like her. The two met and became friends. 17 years earlier, Cassidy’s mother had given birth to a child who was taken from hospital by an unidentified woman in a nurse’s uniform. She was never found…until Cassidy went to school.

9th March 2015




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