Moncrieff - Around the World

Around the World in Numbers & Podcast – Moncrieff – 16th February 2015

70% of the 6,400 people seeking exemptions from vaccinations in Kyrgyzstan in 2014 did so on religious grounds. There have been 3,400 reported cases of measles so far this year.

200,000 Germans left the Protestant Church last year.

Prostitutes working outside a newly designated area of Rome will pay a fine of €500 if caught.

1/6 Japanese workers don’t take a single day of holidays. On average Japanese workers take 9 days holidays. They’re entitled to 18.5

Banco de Chile lent 6.5 billion Chilean pesos to Sebastian Davalos and his wife. Davalos is the son of President Michelle Bachelet. The loan was approved the day after Bachelet was elected in December 2013.

General Gnassingbe Eyadema ruled Togo for 38 years. When he died in 2005, his son, Faure Gnassingbe, became President. He has been there ever since.


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