Brendan Early and Sam Douglas at the Royal Hibernian Academy

Here’s a thing. Why is it still called royal? Can that not just be dropped? Just call it the Irish Academy. It even sounds better anyway.

Just a tiny rant.

Popped in today to have a look around and liked what I saw. Downstairs are some paintings by Sam Douglas who graduated from the Royal College of Art, London in 2007. Most of these are landscapes and deal with mountainous areas that Sam has visited around the world. There’s a touch of Turner about the misty atmospheres and the colours are quite dark and deep giving a sense of bleakness that perhaps visitros to Connemara would be familiar with. It’s worth a look and the pieces are well executed and show excellent technique.


Upstairs are pieces by Dubliner Brendan Early. According to the press release he’s dealing with hinterlands here but there are also evocations of lonliness and isolation. The colours in the drawings and paintings are vivid and add rather than take away from the ideas of vastness. Good stuff and nicely varied. (That’s my tuppence worth anyway)

Question: What was the last art gallery you went to? What was it like?


What do you think?

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