Just No – Cover of ‘Somebody I used to Know’

Nadine O’Regan of the Sunday Business Post tweeted this earlier and I think it’s an excellent recommendation. OK they are a little loose in places but where did she get that voice from??!! Very soulful, very talented and a nice of hint vulnerabilty. The harmonies at the end are pretty interesting too. It’s not perfect but these guys have got that spark that can’t be taught. And they are, by the looks of it, young which gives them time to tighten it up a bit. Great stuff. They’re from Tallaght and I’ll be playing this on the show on Thursday.


3 thoughts on “Just No – Cover of ‘Somebody I used to Know’

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  2. Great to see your going to play Just No cover. Any chance that you would play Feels like Home its the title track from their EP.

    • Yep. I’d be happy to. Send the EP to the station addressed to Jonathan deBurca Butler, The Mixed Bag, Dublin South FM,DATE Complex, Level 5, Dundrum Shopping Centre, Dublin 16 OR just drop it in.

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