Disaster for Irish construction industry

Workers in Ireland’s building trade will wake up on Monday morning with yet another dilemma to deal with.

Things have not been going well of late for the construction industry. What with the economic slowdown and the consequential decline in building, many builders have lost their jobs in recent months.

Those still in employment are understanably nervous about the future (as is everyone) but at least they had their 10a.m. breakfast roll to look forward to. Not any more. Now that Irish pork is off limits because of the shit the pigs were eating our builders have to stop eating shit too. It doesn’t rain but it pours. What will, as David McWilliams calls him, Breakfast roll man do? Salad roll man just doesn’t seem to fit.

I will miss my ham sandwiches over the coming weeks but on the bright side, the health of the nation will surely improve due to us pork loving Irish taking the swine out of dine (couldn’t resist) . I imagine it will reduce our salt intake quite drastically. Have no fear however; all that improvement is sure to be negated by yule tide boozing.


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