Palin Biden Debate- The view from Ireland and Britain

Not so great debate

Not so great debate

Most (sane) media are calling it a draw with Palin perhaps managing not to make too much of a fool of herself as was maybe hoped by the Democrat side. Even the ‘experts’ on Mr. Murdoch’s Sky News over here were inclined to say that although Palin didn’t make a pig’s ear of it, Biden’s knowledge of foreign policy ultimately swung it in his favour. That said, these are the glasses through which we Europeans see the American election-U.S. foreign policy. So whether or not that is as relevant for you guys is another thing. 








The BBC’s Kevin Connolly said the following in his anaysis: “I’d be inclined to call it even, while noting that Mrs Palin perhaps exceeded expectations and even got a couple of cheeky digs in towards the end.”


The unfortunate thing about the debate was the rather sickening way that family history got drawn into the election again. It is unfortunate that Biden, in order to show his human side, was forced or felt compelled to bring in a family tragedy from some years back. But it seems to be part of the game. I wonder now when we will see the marriage of Palin’s daughter. Could it happen before the election day?


On Palin’s performance Denis Staunton of The Irish Times said the following: “Palin’s performance may have delighted the McCain campaign but it was not enough to provide the game-changer the Republican ticket needs as the election moves swiftly in Obama’s direction.”

  Trawl through most of the European press and you won’t find many saying Palin won; rather that there was relief in Republican circles that she didn’t lose.

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