Tomorrow’s (19/4/2012) theme on The Mixed Bag – Transport



That’s right folks, expect plenty of tunes about planes, trains and automobiles as well as plenty of nods in the direction of some strange ways to travel. Saddle up or at least, hey, fasten your seatbelts for what promises to be a fantastic ride through those tunes that makes us groove while we is on the move.

Expect some Jaefferson Airplane, Ulrich Schnauss, Tom Waits, Bjork and many more.

We’ll also give a tip of the hat (thanks Lee) to a national holiday taking place somewhere around the world this week. This week we thought we would celebrate Venezualan moves to go independent until we came across the 4/20 festival which takes place on the 20th. An interesting if slightly bizarre ‘national holiday’ in America.

We’ll also have a track from Tallaght’s Just No.

Question: How do you get to work every morning?

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